Your Best Defense is Mindset

Honing the Concealed-Carry Mindset
by B. Gil Horman – Wednesday, March 11, 2015
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Synopsis: While many of the tools, technology and information of concealed carry are convenient and readily available, they can make us mentally lazy if we let them.

Concealed Firearms Do Not Make Us “Safe”

Why don’t firearms make us safe?

What really makes the person with a concealed handgun “safe”?

How does one usually avoid trouble in the first place?

Move Away, and Stay Away, From Danger

What mistake or mistakes did the writer make in the live-fire simulation he experienced?

What kind of bad habits of self defense tactics are portrayed on TV and in movies?

What should a person do once a threat is identified?

Defensive Firearms Provide Options, Not Solutions

The writer tells the story of “Jane”, a gun store owner. Jane headed out to her car, but turned back. What prevented her from getting into the car?

Describe the differences in mindset between Jane and the security guard.

Why does the author say, “Lethal force is always the last option”?

There Is No “Best” Defensive Handgun

No one agrees on the “Best” handgun. At this point in your experience, what gun, holster and ammunition have you chosen to carry? Give the reasons for your choices.

What is your “Plan B” should your handgun fail to function?

What other strategies do you have for dealing with a dangerous situation other than using a gun?

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