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“Why Concealed Carry Training is Essential” — Read the article here.
By: Dick Jones | March 30, 2015
Dick Jones is a freelance outdoor writer and author whose interest in guns and shooting has encompassed his lifetime. He’s a Distinguished Rifleman, and former High Master, who captained and coached a High Power rifle team on a national level, winning six Dogs of War medals. His interests in shooting span from classic double shotguns to AR-15s, sniper rifles and competitive pistol shooting. He’s also a shooting instructor and runs Lewis Creek Shooting School in High Point, N.C.

Summary: Buying a gun and ammo is just the first small step. Perfecting your skills and nerve in a threatening situation is key to your safety. Concealed carry training will get you there.

1. Jones says, “You should be so familiar and comfortable that you can draw, shoot, clear malfunctions and reload without consciously thinking about what you’re doing.” What happens during a life-threatening incident that can hamper your ability to defend yourself?

2. How does regular firearms practice prepare you for using your weapon during a stressful incident?

Achieving Top Performance

3. Define and explain non-verbal or operational thought. How does it benefit you?

4. What elements or skills should be a part of your proper practice routine other than just pulling the trigger?

5. How can firearms competition benefit a concealed carry citizen?

Developing Your Skills

6. What point is the author making when he gives the example of Chris Cerino doing a tap-rack on a revolver?

7. Why doesn’t SWAT or military-style training apply to the average citizen who carries a concealed weapon?

Two Paths to Follow

8. What is episodic training? How can you most benefit from it?

9. How can you make the most of any immersion training you receive?

10. Why should you train with the gear and clothing you will be using every day?

11. Summarize why good training is essential.

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